3D Portfolio

Endangered Fairytales: Goldilocks and the Three Panda Bears
Don Giovanni
Red: Ceramic jointed doll
Self Portrait
Virgin de Guadeloupe
Buggy hand puppet
Elsie, paperclay and cloth doll

Thesis: The Enchanted Shoes

2D character design

The Prince
Princess Anya

Original color design

The Hag

The Sets


  1. Just love your work! I made ceramic jointed dolls (no clothing, just body and hair adornments) with shoe polish or oil paint coloring, and then rubbed with wax polish, in my ceramics BFA class way back. Your work has so much character and life. Really nice. Thanks to Breadwig Ballinger for liking it on FB (mom and family) so I could discover it.

    1. Thank you! I would love to see your jointed dolls if you have them on line, it sounds like you have a very interesting process. I love working in ceramics, I wish I had more access to a kiln... such beautiful surfaces!