Monday, February 9, 2015

More Iona

Personal projects always get pushed to the back, don't they? But now Iona has a sweater (no, I'm not yet skillful enough to knit sweaters, but I am skillful enough to recycle old ones. And that's only partly sarcasm, sewing with loose knits is HARD!)

She'll be wearing a brown mini skirt (maybe suede, maybe corduroy... haven't decided) over striped leggings and brown leather boots. I've got a lot of sewing left to do, but I can't wait to see her finished!


Movin' right along! And boy, do I love this new armature process!

Monday, February 2, 2015

3rd Nativity commission

Time for another nativity commission! This one is for my friend Jimi, and is inspired by an adorable baby Jesus she drew this last Christmas. (Check it out: Each time I sculpt a baby, it gets better and better.