Tuesday, December 16, 2014


 More work on this little lady.
 After plumping up her legs and adding kneecaps, I sewed stockings out of nylon. I'm going to paint them later to match her outfit.
She's going to be wearing a purple sweater. The material I've chosen is see-through in places, which is why the foam as been painted purple. Also YES her boobs are big and NO they will not look that big once her sweater is on. Pervs, the lot of ya.

Fun Fact: I learned to knit this semester! Behold, my first knitted project:
 Modeled by Shaggy Bear. Work it, Shaggy, work it.

But of course, I couldn't stop there:
 I knitted this miniature scarf for Iona using toothpicks. I can't wait to learn how to knit sweaters!
 Here she is wearing it. I love the green with her red hair, she's so pretty...

Cream Ale Mascot Finished

A reminder of what he looks like
Not bad!

I really like his face.

Sorry the update photos have been scanty... things have been up in the air, not being home, working on other projects, etc. But now that he's done I'm ready for the big, bonanza photoshoot. Lil Lucy, IPA Napolean and This Guy are all ready for their close ups! (And then I'll be done with this commission and free to do whatever I want!)