Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cream Ale: Well, it's been a while

The image
My sculpt

The new armature model! 

 Wow. Haven't been here in a while. And why not you ask? Well I've been super busy teaching at Huntington University. We are working on making a stop-motion film and I am Lead Puppet Fabricator *doo-doodle-doo!* and it's terribly exciting. Check it out here:

While at Huntington, I've been taking advantage of the new materials and processes available to me and have tried to tweak and implement them in such a way that I can continue to use them at home. The first of these experiments: The New Armature Model.

I have been dissatisfied with my old armature model for a long time now. To make an armature takes forever, for starters. It's also important to get proportions correct from the word-go, with no room for adjustment afterward. And finally, it's not a very accurate representation of a human skeleton, and leaves the posture of my of my puppets stiff and unnatural, which I do my best to overcome in posing and manipulation afterward. 

Hence this new model was born. Made of wood and wire, the process of making this armature is relatively painless (provided one has a bandsaw) and the limbs and spine remain adjustable until the end. What is more, the wood pieces stand in for the rib cage and hipbone, allowing the spine more naturalistic placement.

So far the only down side is when the pattern for the costume must be made, as it is much harder to stick a pin into solid wood. But it's a small price to pay and easily worked around.

Trying to update more regularly now. Making no promises.

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