Sunday, August 3, 2014

Nativity comission

The third thing I accomplished today is probably the most exciting.

After I posted pictures of the Nativity I made for my mom:
my friend, Linda, asked if I would make a similar set for her. And though that was all the way back in January, I am only just now getting to it.

I want to stream-line the nativity making process this time around, so that any future commissions I might get will go quickly and easily. The first part of the process is to sculpt the heads. I decided this is the perfect opportunity for some experimentation.

I usually sculpt a head by baking the eyeballs first, and sculpting the face around them. But the human face is the opposite, with squishy eyeballs in a hard skull. So what if I sculpted the skull first?

It would look like this. That's one skull made, but I have 2 adult heads to sculpt. The answer? A mold.
The cast (on the left) came out quite well. Behold, the skulls of Jesus's parents! Maybe I should give them faces...
I'm very happy with them. And now I have a mold to make bitty skulls for any future commissions, while still keeping each face completely individual.

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