Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nativity Progress

Put some finishing paint on the clothes, I'm really pleased with the new color/texture in their costumes. I also sculpted baby Jesus's face, and he actually looks like a baby! This is a first for me! Terribly proud.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nativity Progress

They have clothes! And those clothes still need some painting to help them look more final, but! Clothes!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Nativity Commission Progress

More work on the nativity commission!

Coming along! Now all they need is clothes. And a baby, manger and sheep, of course.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Nativity comission

The third thing I accomplished today is probably the most exciting.

After I posted pictures of the Nativity I made for my mom:
my friend, Linda, asked if I would make a similar set for her. And though that was all the way back in January, I am only just now getting to it.

I want to stream-line the nativity making process this time around, so that any future commissions I might get will go quickly and easily. The first part of the process is to sculpt the heads. I decided this is the perfect opportunity for some experimentation.

I usually sculpt a head by baking the eyeballs first, and sculpting the face around them. But the human face is the opposite, with squishy eyeballs in a hard skull. So what if I sculpted the skull first?

It would look like this. That's one skull made, but I have 2 adult heads to sculpt. The answer? A mold.
The cast (on the left) came out quite well. Behold, the skulls of Jesus's parents! Maybe I should give them faces...
I'm very happy with them. And now I have a mold to make bitty skulls for any future commissions, while still keeping each face completely individual.

Iona's skeleton

I had a super productive day today. Not only did I finish IPA, I made this skeleton for Iona. Now she needs some skin and bones.

IPA Complete!

Here he is! All come together! And I must say I am very pleased. Today most of the work was detailing.
The latex layers on the hands were finally dry, so they needed black line work to match the face.
The coat got buttons and stripes and the snazzy fringe on the shoulders (Amazing how I always have exactly the right ribbon on hand).
His shoes were pretty basic Sculpey shapes with Sculpey buckles glued on.
And now he's all ship-shape and ready to go!

Saturday, August 2, 2014


While waiting for IPA's fingers to dry, I gave a little attention to a lady I've decided to call Iona. I sculpted her face one weekend during my internship at Laika. Today, I painted her and gave her beautiful auburn hair. I don't quite know what she will be yet. A faerie? A bride? Just another little friend?
Anyway, I think she's lovely, and am happy to follow her where ever she takes me.

Friday, August 1, 2014

IPA Progress

Amazing how far along he looks now that the jacket is blue! I've also got the armature and the lining in the jacket, I certainly got a good day's work in.

Tomorrow I will do the hands, feet and jacket details, and then he's done! Yay!