Monday, June 2, 2014

Lucy progress

Lucy's feet began to fall apart, so I made new feet for her, to be attached tomorrow

Skin is on the tail
Hands are made and attached
Her neck is now affixed to her head.
A single hair out of place
 Busy day today, a little bit of back peddling. Lucy's feet are the first pair I have done with heels, and I was not overly happy with the way they screwed in to the floor (not to mention they were a bit chunkier than I had in mind.) The new models are much sleeker and hit the ground at a much more pleasing angle.

I also sewed the skin for the tail, patched the seams with pros-aide and painted the whole thing.

I made the hands from wire and epoxy and attached them to the arms.

And I glued the weird little fabric neck-flaps to her head, and
patched the seams.

In the image Lucy has a stray hair tucked behind her ear. I made this hair by coating a thin wire in pros-aide (seriously, love that stuff) and coating it in tissue paper. I then painted the paper and stuck the hair in place. Picked up that trick from Laika :-)

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