Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tattoo Visitation

So as you may all be aware, I was young and dumb once upon a time (haha, who am I kidding? Still young and dumb folks) and I got myself this tattoo. Now, thankfully I do not regret the theme of this tattoo, as Mary is as wonderful now as she was then and ever will be. But the aesthetics leave something to be desired (for all you nubes, ask for a tattoo artist whose work is similar to what you want, and not the unknown guy who offered you a $50 discount)

Since getting this tattoo it has been my dream to get it fixed. Here are the early stages of what I am thinking. If you have any feedback, please give it to me now, as I have learned tattoos are permanent and I'd like to know the glaring flaws BEFORE I have them eternally etched into my flesh.

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