Monday, March 24, 2014

Figure Sculpting

I took a figure sculpting course my last semester at KCAI, like a figure drawing course, but with clay. My favorite part (as you can probably tell from these pictures) was sculpting the skeleton. There was a medical model in the room we got to take a part and play with, and all the fiddly little details made the bones very fun to sculpt. When we got to muscle we moved to a real model, and whadyakno, they wouldn't let us take him a part and handle all his separate muscles, which was a real bummer.

I wish I could go back and work those muscles some more, but these were just sketches, and they have since been smooshed.

And of course the lady. Like her body, hate her face (that's what he said!) wish she were leaning ON something.


  1. I bet that was awesome, and holy cow, thats a lot of clay,

  2. haha! That's what he said indeed. :)
    Also, beautiful skeleton!