Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stout: The first day of painting, and some feet.

The original character. My puppet is based on the bottle label, but thanks to the box I know to give him a belt.

Movin' right along! The paint is nearly complete, with only some minor details that need adding. Something I have been running into with this puppet is the flaking of the latex whenever I bend his joints. His skin is now reenforced with a layer of hot glue, and yes, surprisingly that is working.

Next up: the feet. Making feet is a bit of a new process for me, but I think these particular feet will turn out very well.The nut at the center of the foot is so I can screw him down the floor and remove the screw when his foot is lifted. It is held there by epoxy putty, which is much stronger than my usual materials, and should hold up to all of my crazy poses.

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