Thursday, January 23, 2014

Stout: Hands

First the wire armature
Which is wrapped in excess fabric from the ends of the arm
Then covered with a bazillion layers of acrylic paint/thickened latex until the fingers are no longer scary. Right hand: one coat of latex. Left hand: Many, many coats of latex.
My hand-making process is not completely ironed out yet, though the basics remain the same: wire, hot glue, fabric and acrylic paint... but then, what activities of mine do NOT involve these four ingredients?

Also, take a look at the bottom image! See how far the Strong Man has progressed since you last saw him? See how I didn't keep you updated on this progress and ought to be flogged? Shame on me.

Really the only stage I did not document was the skin. Basically, I sew stretchy fabric to encase the foamy body. The seams left in the fabric are filled in with thickened latex, to make the surface of the skin smooth. Then I paint it. And... that's all. You didn't miss much.

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