Thursday, January 23, 2014

Stout: Hands

First the wire armature
Which is wrapped in excess fabric from the ends of the arm
Then covered with a bazillion layers of acrylic paint/thickened latex until the fingers are no longer scary. Right hand: one coat of latex. Left hand: Many, many coats of latex.
My hand-making process is not completely ironed out yet, though the basics remain the same: wire, hot glue, fabric and acrylic paint... but then, what activities of mine do NOT involve these four ingredients?

Also, take a look at the bottom image! See how far the Strong Man has progressed since you last saw him? See how I didn't keep you updated on this progress and ought to be flogged? Shame on me.

Really the only stage I did not document was the skin. Basically, I sew stretchy fabric to encase the foamy body. The seams left in the fabric are filled in with thickened latex, to make the surface of the skin smooth. Then I paint it. And... that's all. You didn't miss much.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Leprechaun final photos

Thank you to the talented Elizabeth Nimtzmeyer for the photoshoot! And even more thanks to the beautiful Jeff Morice for all of his help with post production.

The posters should be premiering in March, so everybody in Kansas City, keep your eyes open. And everybody else... check back in then! Coming sooner: progress on the Strong Man!

And though it was a long wait between posts, soon I will share all the Christmas presents I was busy with all through December, and you will realize that I was not being lazy, only secretive.