Friday, October 11, 2013

Leprechaun: Day 10

So! I lied when I said the Leprechaun was done. His jacket still needed some work, which is what I did yesterday, and then did not post because I was busy with a super cool Portland art thing. Which is a valid excuse for not posting. So ha.

Anyway, I added a trim to all of the edges of the Leprechaun's jacket, and then I did another little paint job. The green lining on the coat tails was blending with his legs too much, so I painted that yellow, and the green cuffs and collar were not the right green, and now match more closely with the hat and pants.

Sadly, the sugar glass experiment has not become glass, and remained a delicious gooey mixture. Not to worry, I have plans to purchase a small toy in a capsule from a gumball machine, and throw the toy out and use the capsule to make a NEW mug of ale.

Be back tonight for day 11.

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