Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thesis: Dragon Cave

Wordpress is really not made for multiple image posts...
Also, as I post these I realize I should have gotten some closeups of the dragon, because I had not shared him yet, but as you can see, I was far too busy looking pretty and holding flowers to be bothered to take pictures. All the pictures you see here are courtesy of my Dad and my friend Kit, and all these photos are WAY better than the ones I shot before the show.

Anyway, fun fact about this set: although the set itself will be used in the fairytale illustration, the scene taking place here does not occur in the story. The reason for this is that I have 3 sets and 6 puppets. Mom and Dad are in the cottage, the Hag has to be in her house (with the little girl who is unattached) and that leaves the Prince and the Princess too... chill with the Dragon.

The dragon is a cut paper puppet made with water color paper and wire. He has 32 pieces total and took about 2 days to make. In the straight on shots he looks like he is the right size, though the forced perspective gets wonky when looked at from the side. Oh well.

This set was made the same way as the other one, except for with this set I had help from my Dad <3

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