Monday, April 22, 2013

Thesis: Cottage

FINALLY the long awaited photos of the sets. Of course, lighting is not so much, but they are in a gallery right now being lit with gallery lighting. When I take the final photos, my lovely mentor Laura Burkhart will show me how to get lovely theatrical lighting and then we will be rollin' in posies!

This is the cottage where little Anya grew up. You can see Mom and Dad being very much in love, cos they are cuties. Notice their irises! I scraped the dried paint off my plastic pallete and cut it in to circles! It's so janky but it worked!

And notice the sets! The trees and ground are foam, the house is balsa wood.
The bushes are... little grass clumps painted with primer then coated with plaster then covered with fabric then covered with lumpy fabric. I wasn't too happy with any of those renditions and I'm still not overly thrilled with them but they work.
The path is made of little wooden circles that I coated with plaster than hot glued down. I do love me some long, tedious process...
The leaves are flat poster board with fabric laid down kind of like paper mache.
Those little sprigs of grass are party streamer pom-pom things, cut down and painted green, which was Laura's idea and I LOVE it.

Anyway, quite happy. This is probably my favorite scene, although that might only be because I do love big people in little houses. So much do I love it.

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