Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dad's Present from a year ago

This post is a little late in coming, seeing that I made the piece over a year ago and haven't posted it until now.

 He is the fisherman from Steve Leeper's story Fishbones ( to see all of Dad's illustration for the story) I was inspired to make him because a) the story is amazing and b) I had a little fishbone charm that was going to waste in my junk drawer.

The texture on the base is just Sculpey colored with Sharpie marker and then sanded. Pretty cool. And of course, the rest of him is Sculpey (his head and hands with the "stone" textured sculpey)


  1. Your work is amazing.. I'm sure your Dad is so Proud of You... I know I am... PLGITW... :)

  2. Thanks Rick. Your comments always make me smile.

  3. So proud! I smile at your comments too.