Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dollie in the Window

This is where my dollie lives. Bryan suggested I try in front of the window, and I found an angle without a dumpster! The light is so blue...

Marie Antoinette

Let them eat cake!
She is the farthest I have bastardized the Steam Punk pattern. Firstly, she has a chin, which means I needed to use a different head pattern (all the other Softies have little faces sewn on their hair) and her hips are wider, not to mention there were several costume additions (poofy hips, sleeves...)
The fan is a charm I found on the sidewalk, I doubt the original Marie Antoinette would have approved, but I think it looks great.

Dad's Present from a year ago

This post is a little late in coming, seeing that I made the piece over a year ago and haven't posted it until now.

 He is the fisherman from Steve Leeper's story Fishbones ( to see all of Dad's illustration for the story) I was inspired to make him because a) the story is amazing and b) I had a little fishbone charm that was going to waste in my junk drawer.

The texture on the base is just Sculpey colored with Sharpie marker and then sanded. Pretty cool. And of course, the rest of him is Sculpey (his head and hands with the "stone" textured sculpey)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thesis: Enchanted Shoes

The final shoe next to my first attempt.

 The shoes are mostly paper with a little fabric and paint.

All the shoes next to each other.

Let's just start off by saying that shoes are hard to make, at least they are hard to make at this size. The largest of these enchanted shoes is not even as long as my finger and the smallest is about the size of the tip of my pinky.
I first tried gluing fabric to a wire frame, which worked not at all. I ended up making a paper shoe, gluing fabric over the top and painting the pattern on with acrylic paint. Of course I made the biggest shoe first and was doomed to recreate the intricate pattern another 4 times at less than half the size. I now have a desire to make Russian collapsing dolls... 

Thesis: Hag

The Hag has an enchanted shoe as well, hers is considerably larger than Princess and Anya's. She also has some nasty, gnarly feet to match her nasty,gnarly hands.

Thesis: Prince and Princess

The prince got a new head. He looked way to obviously evil before... now he's only probably evil (later to be proved definitely so). He also has boots now, oooooooo.

The princess also got new shoes. Originally I wanted Princess Anya and Little Anya to have the same size feet so I would only have to make one pair of enchanted shoes. That didn't work out so well, and these are different shoes than the ones Little Anya is wearing.

Thesis: The Family

Look! Dad has legs! He's no longer an amputee!

Thesis: The many faces of Anya

 Oh, poor thing, she's so cold and sad.

 Still cold, still sad, and a little blurrier to boot.

 Aw, that's more like it. So happy

 WHOA, magic shoes!

The good news: I got A BEAUTIFUL NEW CAMERA FOR CHRISTMAS! The bad news: I am still not very good at photography. Expect improvement as I get more comfortable.

Thesis: Anya's Feet

Finally, the feet are done for all the puppets and I can call them complete. Thank you, Dad, for welding and shaping and drilling and basically doing all the brunt work.

Anya's feet have little near the toes, which allows me to screw them to the ground. This nut is covered by foam, which I then painted with latex to make it skin colored, plus give her those cute little toes..

Her boots are suede, sewn in a sock shape without bottoms and a bead button to make them cute. There will be another post about how the enchanted shoes were made.