Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thesis: Anya

There she is. She still needs feet, obviously. They need to be detachable, as she changes shoes throughout the story. They will also effect how I make the set, how the shoes interact with the ground to keep her standing. Magnets? Pegs in holes? Some other magical method I'm not thinking of?

The first pair of shoes she will be wearing will be little peasant boots. I've discovered felted Russian boots, which are perfect for her because a) they are Russian and b) I can embroider them!

The enchanted shoes she picks up later on will be more like Turkish slippers, possibly with free-form stitched lace. We'll see.

Also, the lovely Mintra Greer has offered her documentational photography skills in return for freezing my butt off this past weekend, so you can all look forward to better photographs, maybe soon!

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