Thursday, December 27, 2012

Softies I posted on Facebook but not on my blog.

More softies...


My friend Allie has commissioned a series of Royal Softies. The first of these to be completed is Cleopatra, as you can tell. Her necklace is completely beaded, which was even more time consuming than embroidery, if you can believe it! Her face is embroidered, of course. The gold netting is actually a bit of Christmas ribbon, which my mom thinks is hilarious.

I was originally going to make her entire outfit out of linen, as that is what Egyptians wore, but I didn't have any pure white linen, plus Egypt had silk in Cleopatra's time, plus she is a fancy lady. Hopefully my favorite art history teacher will still like her :-)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Santa Claus

This is for Jeff's grandma. She has an amazing Santa Claus collection. It is so big she has a dedicated Christmas Room, where it is Christmas year round. On top of that, she is a sweet lady.

Jeff helped to design him and picked out the fabrics, and I made him. The hair is some wonderful wool I bought this summer with the intention of learning to spin. The staff is a bamboo skewer with wooden beads and a charm at the top. It's crazy how not janky that looks.

I think the stand makes him look really professional. That's just some crappy plaque I bought at Michael's and colored with a wood-stain marker. He's even got a tag I printed specially for the purpose, but you can't see it in this picture.

More pics later when I have color corrected them.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thesis: Prince and Princess

 Yes, everybody is done. These two are the flattest characters in the whole story, plus I already posted about the princess's crown, so I really have nothing else to say about them. The prince gets boots, and the princess will have detachable shoes that I hope will fit both her and little Anya.

Thesis: Hag

Oh goodness... she's my favorite. I'm really sad she only shows up twice... I might have to illustrate a series of Baba Yaga stories next. (Can you see me making a tiny chicken-footed house?! Ah!)

Besides her face being all wrinkly and great (I should really get a profile shot, her nose goes out forever, it's wonderful) her hands are the favorite that I have made. The rest of the hands are wire armatures and layers of painted on latex. Her fingers have beads at all the joints to give them that gnarled look. How I love it!

Thesis: Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad are also done. Dad needs boots, Mom... might not even need shoes, which would be cool...

Dad looks a little stiff in this photo... I forgot to tell him I was taking the photo. He was blinking in all the other photos I got though, so...

Thesis: Anya

There she is. She still needs feet, obviously. They need to be detachable, as she changes shoes throughout the story. They will also effect how I make the set, how the shoes interact with the ground to keep her standing. Magnets? Pegs in holes? Some other magical method I'm not thinking of?

The first pair of shoes she will be wearing will be little peasant boots. I've discovered felted Russian boots, which are perfect for her because a) they are Russian and b) I can embroider them!

The enchanted shoes she picks up later on will be more like Turkish slippers, possibly with free-form stitched lace. We'll see.

Also, the lovely Mintra Greer has offered her documentational photography skills in return for freezing my butt off this past weekend, so you can all look forward to better photographs, maybe soon!

Thesis: Heads

Sorry it's been so long everybody... lots of time working, no time posting. These are the heads. They were individually sculpted and painted. The five smaller heads in the front row all belong to Anya, same as the three bearded heads in the back all belong to Dad. I made the multiples by making a mold of the first head I sculpted, and then tweaking each cast from that mold to be a different emotion.

Observant viewers will notice that none of the eyes have any pupils. This is because each head may need to look in multiple directions over the course of the book, and I don't want any fixed stares. There are a couple different processes for moveable pupils that I'm tossing around right now.