Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thesis: Hag Costume

Excuse the zombie face, these last two costumes have been nothing but stitching forEVER. But now all the stitching is done! Joy and exultation! And I can move on to sculpting heads!
This is the hag that gives Anya her second enchanted shoe. The apron is entirely embroidered. I am not showing you the back of this one because once this hag has a head, I am making her a big hooded cape. Which will be more stitching. So it's not actually done at all...
There is a very slight distressing around the bottom of her dress which I may make more pronounced if the cape does not add enough of the haggard effect. I don't think you can even see it in these crappy pictures, that's how slight it is. But I can always add more, where taking away is much more difficult.

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