Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ag Day Poster

Submission for some Agricultural Society something or other. The theme was "Generations nourishing Generations" so I made a family tree with apples being handed down through the family. And then, because apples are apparently not agricultural enough, I added some corn. 
All the people are tiny cut paper puppets arranged on a canvas. The photo I took was really terrible, my camera is crap, but I think I Photoshopped it well enough. The texture on the tree is paper mache which I painted over. 


  1. Very nice Nikki!

    I love all the textures you have going here. Nice concept too!

  2. Dear Nikki:

    Congratulations. A jury of professionals recently selected your submission as one of six finalists for the Ag Day Poster Contest.

    We are planning to launch online voting by November 27 and wanted you to be aware that this will be going on. We plan to have the winner selected and notified by December 14.

    We will use the digital entry that you submitted and will list your name, city, school and entry description but no street, phone or email addresses.

    Thanks again for your entry. We appreciate your submission to our inaugural poster contest.

    You will hear back from me on or around December 14 with the results of the voting.

    Thank you.

    Jennifer Pickett, President, Agricultural Council of America