Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ag Day Poster

Submission for some Agricultural Society something or other. The theme was "Generations nourishing Generations" so I made a family tree with apples being handed down through the family. And then, because apples are apparently not agricultural enough, I added some corn. 
All the people are tiny cut paper puppets arranged on a canvas. The photo I took was really terrible, my camera is crap, but I think I Photoshopped it well enough. The texture on the tree is paper mache which I painted over. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thesis: Anya's all grown up

For a brief point in the story, Anya becomes a beautiful princess, but it's all fake and eventually she becomes herself again. As you can see, the new dress has the same pattern as the dress she wears when she is a little girl. What you probably can't see (and I really will post better pictures some day) is that I have replaced all the yellow in Anya's costume with gold, and replaced the rough fabrics with satin and silk. I am pleased with the results. I can't wait to make her head with a fancy Russian crown!

Thesis: Hag Costume

Excuse the zombie face, these last two costumes have been nothing but stitching forEVER. But now all the stitching is done! Joy and exultation! And I can move on to sculpting heads!
This is the hag that gives Anya her second enchanted shoe. The apron is entirely embroidered. I am not showing you the back of this one because once this hag has a head, I am making her a big hooded cape. Which will be more stitching. So it's not actually done at all...
There is a very slight distressing around the bottom of her dress which I may make more pronounced if the cape does not add enough of the haggard effect. I don't think you can even see it in these crappy pictures, that's how slight it is. But I can always add more, where taking away is much more difficult.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thesis: Mom

Mom's outfit. I'm really bummed she dies in the first... sentence. The shirt is fitted and took me a very long time to complete, I am very proud of it. Maybe I'll resurrect her at the end. Zombies are in this year.

Thesis: Prince

The Prince! I did not do any embroidery on him at all, and it was a welcome break! The fabric for the jacket had such a lovely paisley pattern, I love how enlarged it is on his tiny jacket. The fabric for the sash was horrible to work with but worth every minute. The chains are regular jewelry chains with beads at the end.
I'm very pleased with the result. He looks very regal, just what I was going for.

Thesis: Dad

 From the front
From the back

It's Anya's Father's costume. Yes, I embroidered blue stripes on blue pants. The fabric is really cheap, but now it looks pretty! The cuffs on his sleeves, the bottom of his shirt and his collar are all embroidered as well