Friday, September 7, 2012

Children of Men

The Illustration department brings in visiting artists every once and a while to give us assignments and make us all compete for a free meal, thereby feeding the animosity already brewing in the souls of most art students. And I swear, these artists brainstorm what assignment they can give us that would be exactly contrary to anything I would ever draw... ever (you may recall the last assignment was an environmental superhero...)
This assignment is a futuristic movie poster in gold, silver and bronze. Yes, the futuristic wasn't bad enough (I don't even draw things from the PRESENT most days) it has to be basically sepia tone.
So, similarly the how I handled the environmental superhero, I decided to ignore the assignment and make a Madonna and Child. Because I am happy to draw Mary, even if I am not happy to draw the future.
Also, check out those hands. Thank you, Jeff Morice for showing me how to do that, I will remember it forever!

Pencil, Photoshop.

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