Friday, August 31, 2012


Check out the new Logo! I tweaked the Tree spot image to make her more graphic and give her a little bit more life. My Photoshop skills are getting pretty good, it didn't even take me forever to make this little design sheet :-)
Notice how I have a logo for BIG display and a logo for little display.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thesis: Dragon

Continuing on with work for my picture book, this is the dragon that gives my little girl her second enchanted shoe.

And let me tell you, he did not come when I called. I have so many terrible (I mean, really, really terrible) dragon sketches. Not only because I don't really draw dragons much (there was that year in middle school when I drew them all the time, but I doubt those drawings were much better than my terrible, terrible sketches) but also because this dragon comes with some tricky fairytale dimensions. He must be small enough to swap shoes with a little girl, and big enough to attempt to eat same little girl whole.

Thankfully for me, all fairytale dimensions come with a bit of wiggle room. The shoe gets smaller, the mouth gets bigger, and all should be well and good. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Behold! It's the rod puppet I made for my internship. All of you should recognize her from my picture book. Her head is paper clay, her body is foam, her arms are stitched and her dress is painted fabric.
She's a rod puppet, which means she has rods that control her arms. Right now her head doesn't move independent of her body, but I will be changing that in the future, just as soon as I find the time and materials (and inclination... kinda enjoying her being done...)
Anyway, I'm very happy with her.