Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Environmental Super Hero

Because we obviously don't have enough to do in the Illustration department (ya know, being the only major on campus with 9 major credit hours instead of 6) they decide every once and a while to bring strangers in to tell us what to do. Like draw an environmental super hero. (Really? Really? That's what you want? Of all the things you could ask to draw, and environmental super hero is what you went with?)
Anyway, because (please don't hate me) I am not all that IN to super heroes, (not to crazy about politically motivated artwork or attaching moralistic messages to images either, but I am obviously not in charge here) I drew this instead.
And THEN, because that apparently wasn't HEROIC enough, I drew a dweeb in a yellow shirt planting a tree in the corner, and turned that in as well.
I somehow managed to get a good image, despite it all. Pencil sketch and so many Photoshop layers! 
Anyway, most of you have already seen this, being my Facebook buddies and all.

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