Monday, November 28, 2011

Death of a Salesman

What a busy girl I have been recently. Anyway, some illustrator who is apparently so successful dropped an email to all of us that we have to do this extra assignment about EITHER Occupy Wall Street OR Death of a Salesman. And since politics and disgusting rich people only make me angry, I went with my good buddy Arthur Miller, who makes me depressed instead.
This is a pencil sketch which I scanned in and did everything else in Photoshop. Look at me with my technology and stuff.

Eudora, the Urban Explorah.

Oh look. It's me in a cave, or, as I like to call her, my Urban Exploring Alter Ego: Eudora. Hand-drawn with texture and color added in Photoshop, not to mention lighting and shadows. The background is an Actual Photograph taken by my Actual Collab Partner Jackie Immele. We are putting up another website soon which will feature more work along these same locations.

Thesis: Progress on Second spread

NOT QUITE DONE, the lovely parchment texture in the other one comes from when I get the color print on the pretty paper and then trace over some of the lines and then scan it in again and then tweak it in Photoshop. And you thought getting a pretty print out was the final step.
By the way, this is the spread directly following the opening.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thesis: Opening Spread

Here it is! The very first of my illustrations for the fairytale of which I told you in the previous post! And heavens, did this baby go through a lot of stages. Draw it, scan it, print it, trace it, color it, scan it, tweak it, print it, outline it, scan it, tweak it more, print it, outline again... then scan the darn thing in and tweak it just to post it on here...
Worth the trouble? YES.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thesis: Character sketches

Okay, so a very long time back I wrote a fairytale (which I will be posting right after this) and now my Illustration class I get to make a children's book and I am illustrating this story that I wrote and I am so excited and my character designs went well and I am bursting with ideas and life is spiffy!