Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Goldilocks and the Three Panda Bears

Papa, Mama and Baby Panda lived happily in China, eating bamboo and lazing about in the bright China sun. One day Goldilocks and her 1.2 billion relatives outgrew their cities and began moving into the Panda’s bamboo forest, cutting it down and building apartment complexes. All of the Panda’s friends and family began dying of starvation and Papa, Mama and Baby Panda became very alarmed, so they talked to the people at the World Wildlife Fund. WWF then told the Chinese government about the plight of the Pandas.
“This is bad!” said the Chinese government. “We will make laws to save the Pandas!”
Sadly, not everyone saw fit to follow these laws. One day, Goldilocks went on a mass panda hunt and killed the entire Panda family. When the Chinese police discovered Papa, Mama and Baby hanging on Goldilocks’ wall, they thought seriously about having her executed, until she gave them 4 million dollars in bribes. This was only half of the profit that Goldilocks had made selling Papa, Mama and Baby bear’s skins on the black market. With the other four million Goldilocks purchased what was left of the bamboo forest and began plans for a shopping mall.

A book that I am working on. The illustrations, sadly, will probably look nothing like this in the final project, because I have another 7 or so fairytales and do not have time to build another seven sets and unnumbered puppets. But I had a lot of fun

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Embroidered Ragdoll of my friend Joanna

Some current work! This is a ragdoll portrait of my friend Joanna! I embroidered all those little lines that you see and sewed her entirely by hand, not to mention dying all the fabric and coming up with my own pattern. She came out quite nicely.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

American Royal BBQ

This is my poster design for American Royal BBQ. I don't know when I'll find out how it did in the contest, but I'm quite happy with it.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Golden Madonna

So I mentioned Catholic icons are one of my main inspirations. This is not only because they are flat! This is also because they contain images of Our Lady, who I love very much. This particular image was published by the Church of England a couple years back.


Because Hollywood keeps doing it wrong. Frankenstein is one of my favorite novels and I'm tired of how shiny people keep making it. All pencil. I keep thinking about cleaning it up in Photoshop, but that seems hypocritical.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Froggie and flies

And he was drawn entirely because there were black splots on the page.

Pencil Drawing, Doll

Yes. Every single one of those little hairs was drawn individually in pencil. And yes, it took close to forever. Spending that much time hand-doing what could probably be done much quicker with spiffy tools is important to me. You spend time, it shows it's important... even when you're not sure why.

Victorian Portrait

Prismacolor pencil AND marker this time. I realized a bit too late that if I don't want my Victorian lady to be VICTORIA herself I really oughtn't to give her red hair... eh, well. Costumes are fun! Costumes with a lot of unneseccary dangly bits are even funner!

The Little Mermaid

Yessir, this piece is made entirely of elephant poop. Very exciting paper purchased at some worldy-trady-place. And pencil.
She's a take on the Little Mermaid because I like fairytales involving interesting women. For those of you that use fairytale as some kind of "bleh", you have not spent enough time with a good storyteller.

Angeline's Revenge.

Okay, this also was drawn quite a long time ago. Entirely pencil.
I guess this is a "doodle". I hate to call it that though. Basically what I mean when I say "doodle" is is that the piece was completed in one sitting using one medium. Yay.
Also: speech bubbles are my friend. They appear in doodles because... they appear. You, my beloved audience, get to fill in the blanks because I find pieces more engaging that way.

Colored Pencil Portrait

Hey hey! Look at me, posting pictures and everything!
So, this lady here was drawn... oui... forever ago. At least four years ago. I think at the time I was looking at Modiglioni though I never can be certain. Prismacolor pencils were soooooooooo sexy. And they still are. Because they give you that painty look without getting all over your rug.

You will notice that the drawing is exceptionally flat. I am a firm believer in the 2 dimensionality of the blank page. This is partly because of my love of Catholic iconongraphy, where the compression of space was used to signify the spiritual nature of the subject, removing it from everyday life, and also partly because the paper FLAT! If I want to make something dimensional, I'll make it out of something dimensional! It only makes sense!